Unexpected Love

This poem was inspired by Pablo Neruda’s Sonnet XVII.

If Fate denies linking the stitches of our love in her prophetic tapestry,
Was it you, then, My Love, who pierced my soul
And shattered my being into a thousand pieces?
You, who like the blaze of the mythical Phoenix
Flared into a cloud of feathery ashes
And draped my existence so wholly.
Dead and reborn,
Not in a thousand years’ time
But in an eternal second of joy!
Merged and transformed so that
The caress of your touch,
The depths of your eyes,
The whisper of your breadth,
The sound of my name on your lips,
The caress of my touch,
The depths of my eyes,
The whisper of my breadth,
The sound of your name on my lips.

“Unexpected Love” by Azul Serena


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