Azul Serena

I wrote this piece in honor of my pen-name. For many years I entertained different names but it wasn’t until I signed my name as “Azul Serena” that I felt I had found a name that represented my multicultural identity. This name allows me to think, feel, and write in both English and Spanish without having to justify my usage of either language.

* * *

I am not a writer. Rather, I am a patient of medicinal writing; writing that heals. It’s not a healing from trauma; it’s the healing from knowledge. Knowledge that comes from discovering who you are. Not the You that you portray, but the You that runs through your veins and pumps through your chest. A chest that heaves from the headiness of breaking free. Freedom that comes from shedding the name that belies your roots, your tongue, your soul. A soul that fits neither here nor there but only within me. I am Azul Serena.

“Azul Serena” by Azul Serena


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