Terrifying Love

It terrifies me to know that I am capable of love
That destroys ardently and selfishly
That sees blindly and listens deafly
That grips violently and mercilessly
That’s unlike the tender love I give a babe
Newly born into this world
Whose fragile fists clench you
Like the wispiness of a bygone dream
That tears through the septic silence of the night
With a broken shrill and sigh
Like your whisper against my ear
As we curl around each other
Seeking our bodies’ warmth and humming hearts
Those beating drums that dictate
The ebb and flow of our senses
Our love
Our destiny
Of love.

“Terrifying Love” by Azul Serena

2 thoughts on “Terrifying Love

  1. What an eloquent way to phrase a fear we all face. It is terrifying to know that humans have the capacity for something as powerful as love, and the lengths we are willing to take to find and preserve it!
    I would love for you to check out my new post, “Prelude,” about the beginning of a great relationship. (: Let me know what you think, and perhaps you’ll consider following my blog!
    Thanks so much!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you for your comment and sharing “Prelude.” You did a wonderful job capturing the uncertainty and euphoria that we experience when we meet that someone we know will play a staring role in our life. I also enjoyed reading “Vacancy.” I can relate to the mixed emotions and warring thoughts that make returning home such a bittersweet experience. Thankfully, over time we learn that “home” is ever changing in it’s static state, and that perhaps it is us who change and mold ourselves to the place we call home.


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