I could lie and say that my favorite color’s blue,
But I’d miss the opportunity to tell you a secret:
My favorite color is the crystal blue that kisses the horizon
Just above the darkened treetop greens that glisten
In the silver-ivory of the glowing moon
On somnolent nights that are heavy
With the weight of cloudless summers
And your sleepy eyelids droop
Under the weight of pointy blue-steel lashes
That adorn the chestnut highlights in your irises
When the sun hits your eyes just so
And the rosy mauve of your cupid’s bow
Breaks into a teasing smile that saturates
My being with its speckled amber honey
Like the burnt chocolate reds weaving through
My curls that drown the ridges of your fingertips
In waves of crystal blue sensations.

“Colors” by Azul Serena


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