Tell Me Where We Stand

I don’t know what you want from me or where we stand.
I think you like me and I think you care about me,
But there’s always a nagging whisper saying otherwise.
I know what I want:
I am asking for transparency.
If we like each other let’s be frank about our intentions.
You taught me that you prefer it when I am honest with you,
And in that manner, I am asking that you to be honest with me.
Know that I am prepared for failure.
If we don’t work out I will know how to heal.
I won’t resent you; I won’t resent us.
I will simply heal.
If you don’t want my affection, tell me; I will understand.
If you don’t want my friendship, tell me; I will understand.
Tell me anything just don’t leave me in the dark.
That’s all I ask:
Be honest and tell me where we stand.

“Tell Me Where We Stand” by Azul Serena

One Year Reflection

A year ago I set out on a journey to share my writing publicly with the blogging community. I was nervous and half expected to fail in this endeavor because I didn’t know how my writing would be received. Today, I am humbled by the responses and interactions with my fellow bloggers. I may not have the opportunity to interact with you in person but the idea that my writing resonates with you, and yours with me, is more than enough encouragement to continue working on improving myself as a writer. Thank you for your time and support!

Here’s to another year of learning and growth!

With gratitude,

Azul Serena

“One Year Reflection” by Azul Serena

I Sealed My Fate

I sealed my fate today.
I told the world my greatest secret:
That you are great
And worth the wait,
The challenge,
The reward.
I tried my best to keep you hidden
To bask in the thrill of your tight-lipped smile
And heave under the weight of your unwavering gaze
But the world demanded to know you,
To see you for who you are.
And so I shared you,
But I shared you,
My secret,
And sealed my fate.
A fate of warring insecurities and joys
Intriguing nuances and reveals.
A fate of drawing pleasure from your light.

“I Sealed My Fate” by Azul Serena