Ten Years Ago

I don’t feel or look older
But that picture from ten years ago says otherwise
The youthful glow of discoveries and uncertainties
Has been replaced by the graying of wisdom and experience
The sparkle of my eyes is now accompanied by dark circles
Proudly standing at attention like the neat row of ribbons
That once adorned my bedroom wall
Girlhood accomplishments that represented vanquished obstacles
If you look closely you’ll recognize each adventure etched on my face
Like the spindly roads on a map that take you anywhere and nowhere
“Expression marks” you’ll say
“Call them memories” I’ll reply
Ten years from now I’ll remember this day as I search the depths of my eyes
For clues of a past that feels so near yet is uncannily faraway
“Aging” you’ll say
“Call it Life” I’ll reply

“Ten Years Ago” by Azul Serena

Your Voice

Your words are not the problem
For I can read between the edges of your syllables
The problem is that the timbre of your voice
Drips slowly from your lips and hangs heavy on my ears
Like dense pearls threatening to tear the delicate skin of the lobe
The tip of your tongue caresses with the melodic rhythm spoken by your ancestors
A rhythm heavy like viscous honey that’s at once nurturing and foreboding
Like mana from the gods made for starving souls who fear the mystery that brings them life

“Your Voice” by Azul Serena

Shape of My Body

Don’t say you like my body
Say you like my mind
And the fire burning in my eyes
Don’t say you like my curvy waist
Say you like the infinite boundaries of my thoughts
And the conviction ringing in my voice
Don’t say you like my swaying hips
Say you like the fearlessness of my step
And the resolution seeping through my pores
Don’t say I’m your precious princess
Say I am your respected equal, queen of my domain
And that you’re a trusted ally standing at my side

“Shape of My Body” by Azul Serena