Two Halves

The fire that burns with a fury when I reach my limits
Is the same one that burns within you, Mom
And the peace that rules with caution as I approach my limits
Is the same one that stoically flows within you, Dad
I’ve known this all my life but I often forget that
Just like you have needed one another to coexist for forty years
I need both within me to exist and live my day to day

“Two Halves” by Azul Serena


I tucked you away under layers of memories
That were no longer wanted
And locked you behind a door without keys
With the hope that your absence
Would lead to my happiness
But as moons replace suns
And snow covers blooms
Your light has been numbed
By the darkness around you
And your laughter erased
By a merciless silence
That weighs down my lids
Like two heavy boulders

“Heart” by Azul Serena

Tú / You

Every so often I have an easier time expressing my thoughts in Spanish. This poem is one of those times. As an exercise, I decided to translate my poem to English, though I must admit the English version is not as melodic as the original.

— SPANISH, original —

Cerré mis ojos con tu mirada en mis pestañas
Y toque las nubes de mis sueños con las yemas de tus dedos
Dejé que el calor de tu perfume abrigara mis sentidos
Y que las plantas de tus pies cargaran el peso de mis pensamientos
Déjame llevarte a lo profundo de mi alma
Para demonstrarte el infinito de mi ser
Sólo así entenderás la cicatriz que tu amor a dejado en mi ser


I closed my eyes with your gaze weighing down my lashes
And touched the periphery of my dreams with your fingertips
I allowed the warmth of your scent to intoxicate my senses
While the sole of your feet carried the weight of my thoughts
Let me take you to the depths of my soul
So that I may show you the infinite boundaries of my being
Only then will you understand the scars left behind by your love


“Tú / You” by Azul Serena


You claim you’re shielding me from harm
But I doubt your actions are devoid of self-interest
You lecture me incessantly about the importance of virtue
Yet I see your nightly transgressions ensconced on your lap
You flare up in anger whenever I lift my gaze from the ground
Yet I have to heed your commands to hold my head high
You condemn every man who ever comes near me
Yet I know that you pray for a suitor who’ll take me away
You say I won’t understand your firm hand until I bear my own daughter
But I don’t need to birth a child to know what it’s like to be owned

“Self-Interest” by Azul Serena