Darkest Corner

I walked into the darkest corners of my soul
And nearly lost my way
I drowned in salty waters of unshed tears
And sank my knees into the mired banks of my greed
I gasped for breath that wouldn’t come
And sobbed through silent screams
Until I shattered like a fragile window pane
This vast, oppressive darkness
Sent me to my knees where I now
Reverently touch every broken edge
Of shuffled memories long forgotten
And wounds that never healed
My hands despair at the endless
Pieces that I attempt to fix
A broken puzzle and a soul that feeds on hope

“Darkest Corner” by Azul Serena


You dreamt of power and crawled a beggar to take it all
Barked like thunder day and night obliterating every spark
That scorched the parched air like an incessant drip
At the base of a cave, the navel of death
But neither lick nor wail turned their ears to you
Until you contrived a deafening silence amidst dissent
Our eyes spoke of attention, our hearts whispered of hope
At last, our attention you have, what will you do with it now?

*I wrote this piece while listening to Tchaikovsky’s “The Sick Doll.”

“Power” by Azul Serena

Mother Earth

She awoke with a brush in her hand and a thought on her fingertips
She’d start with the base, a maroon rich like the soil around her
Next came the wind, playful in its mesmerizing tangle of curls
Naturally the ocean followed, and settled in two endless pools
What are two oceans without valleys and summits?
Thus came the nose and two shifty rivers joined at two points
Soon after, the sun settled comfortably on both sides of the nose
As the stars found their way to the heart, just south of the river
And the moon graced each ocean with shades of expression
She paused for some time, perusing her creation this and that way
Until she finally smiled, secure in the truth of her knowledge:
In time its true beauty will spring from each crevice
Bearing the fruits of the mystery that sprang from her fingertips

“Mother Earth” by Azul Serena

Two Halves

The fire that burns with a fury when I reach my limits
Is the same one that burns within you, Mom
And the peace that rules with caution as I approach my limits
Is the same one that stoically flows within you, Dad
I’ve known this all my life but I often forget that
Just like you have needed one another to coexist for forty years
I need both within me to exist and live my day to day

“Two Halves” by Azul Serena